More Food Entrepreneurs Are Coming To Markets

Over the globe we see more new foods targeting certain consumer needs are coming to the markets. Personalized nutrition is on the rise. People choose products according to their preferences and they are more open to try new products compared to past.

Cannibalization of the products is food entrepreneurs’ one of the main concerns. Getting loyalty from their consumers is getting more difficult than before. Due to high dynamism in the market, food entrepreneurs are forced to add new products and new flavours to their portfolio.


Unique selling proposition and packaging claims are very important, as communicating with the consumer. Consumers want more transparent companies, personal interactions and see what is behind the products they are buying.


As a food entrepreneur to be resilient to consumer preferences you need to be agile, follow the trends very closely and get continuous feedback from your consumers. Adaptation capacity is crucial. To be highly agile, you need to design your company according to these norms.

There is a dream behind every entrepreneur and getting the support from their market will help their product planning in all stages of their journey.